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    Kapil Chauhan
    FAH R8 On Prem to FAH R13 Cloud upgrade
    Topic posted January 3, 2019 by Kapil Chauhan, last edited February 6, 2019, tagged Upgrade 
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    FAH R8 On Prem to FAH R13 Cloud upgrade
    How to handle Data Transformation and

    Hi All,

    Currently we are on FAH R8 On premise version and planning to move to FAH R13 Cloud. In FAH R8, we have built in customizations (SQL packages and ADF Pages) on the R8 Database to meet client specific requirements. This SQL packages reads the Standard table Master Data like Legal Entity, Ledgers, Mapping Sets defined in FAH to transform the data and derive additional information in custom tables. It is then validated and finalized data is sent to Transaction Objects Table. Post that, SLAM derives the journal entries and post it in GL.

    Going forward in FAH R13 Cloud we do not have access to read the database. We have to send the finalized data to FAH R13 to process journal entries. So, we have to transform the data outside before sending it to R13 Cloud. But to derive and transform the data we need to read the master setups like Legal Entity, Ledgers and Mapping set defined in R13. 

    Need your suggestion on how do we achieve this using PaaS + SaaS solution in a cost effective way. Also, what will be the best PaaS tool which can be linked to SaaS to read the data.

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    • Shyam Santhanam

      Hi Kapil

      Taking a step back, moving to R13 FAH cloud is not an 'upgrade'. It will technically be a re-implementation. The architecture for integration is different and I would highly recommend you to review the model and reassess the design implications. My understanding is you would probably just need ledger definitions to tag ledger name along with transactions fed into Accounting Hub Cloud. 

      Feel free to reach out to me at for further conversation. Would like to understand your current use case/implementation model to provide a firmer advice