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    Noorshabah Ramjanee
    Edit inventory details after activity is completed
    Topic posted July 10, 2018 by Noorshabah RamjaneeBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, last edited September 16, 2018 by Erica (Leep) AndersonBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged Inventory / Parts 
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    Edit inventory details after activity is completed

    I have a requirement where the technician should be able to edit the inventory details even after the status of the activity has been set to completed.

    Is there any way to achieve this behaviour in OFSC?

    Oracle Field Service Cloud 18A



    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      Hi Noorshabah,

      IMO no, this isn't seems to be a valid scenario when the technician has finished his activity and closed with the customer signature included, and he want to change the customer equipment after. But if you believe the opposite then Idea Lab is the right place for the proposals for next versions.


    • Hardik Gupta

      Hi Noorshabah,


      You can do this in your destination system where the data will flow to. Doing it in OFSC will lead to tampering with the activities that are completed in OFSC. If something needs to be changed you can do it in your other system which is integrated with OFSC where the data will reside for a longer duration and the changes done on the activity for the inventory will get logged. This can be useful for future auditing requirements.




    • Noorshabah Ramjanee

      I thought so too. Thanks for the confirmation that same cannot be done in OFSC.

    • Dima Buldakov

      Inventory details are editable on inventory details Mobility Screen.

      There is no limitations on that related to the activity status.

      But all read/write properties must be enclosed in a tab.

      I've just checked it and it works. See attachment.

    • Noorshabah Ramjanee

      Hello Dima,

      I've created an action link 'Edit Inventory' and then added same on the Inventory details screen, but I still can't edit the details.

      Can you please specify how you managed to edit the details when selecting the button <update mac>.

      Thanks for your help. 

    • Dima Buldakov

      You should not use "special elements" on the down left of your screenshot to create a "tab" element. 

      Once you added a tab to the form, move properties and fields you would like to be R/W into the tab and set up R/W visibilities for these elements

      PS: Activity itself still must be on the current day, or before the overnight period ends. 


    • Noorshabah Ramjanee

      Hello Dima,

      The details become editable when I put them in a tab as you mentioned, but nothing happens when I edit any changes and Submit.

      PFA details of the issue encountered.

      Thanks to look into this.

    • Dima Buldakov

      First of all, not sure does it matter or not, bu in my case tab is inside main section.

      Second, usually you are not suppose to be able to update inventory type.

      And the last - could you click to the submit button on the visual form editor in order to check - are there any visibility conditions configured for the button?

    • Dima Buldakov


      I've tested it with customer and resource inventories. For started and completed activites. With and without inventory type. With tab inside and outside main section.

      All the time it works the same way - submit is always active, and updated values immediately go through and visible in Manage.

      And Inventory type is also updated, BTW.

      I believe you might have some conditions configured for your "Submit" button.

    • Noorshabah Ramjanee

      I think the issue is mainly with the <Empty Identifier> button that appears when I select the item for edit. I have added an action link <Edit Inventory> with base action change_inventory, which however is not being displayed on the screen. It should be similar to the <update mac> button in your example. Can you please explain the configuration of your button <update mac>?

      Thanks much for your help!

    • Dima Buldakov

      "Empty identifier" just means that the "Tab" name is not specified. it should not affect the flow, but let's try to set it up. To do so

      1. click to the header of the tab
      2. on the form appears click to the word "Translation"
      3. specify the tab name for all the languages

    • Dima Buldakov

      This is the Screen(layout) configuration that I've used. To apply it you need to export user type, open xml, find layout node with name "mobile_add_details_inventory", replace the node with the xml below and import it back. NB: you may not import user type of your own user.

      if you share current configuration of your screen i can take a look inside. I believe that the key issue is the value of "defaultVisibility" attribute on the "submit" button.

      <layout label="mobile_add_details_inventory">


          <item group="main" type="section" defaultVisibility="ReadWrite">


              <item group="main" type="property" label="inventory_model" entity="inventory" defaultVisibility="ReadOnly"/>

              <item group="main" type="field" label="invsn" entity="inventory" defaultVisibility="Mandatory"/>



          <item group="main" type="tab" label="tab" entity="appt" defaultVisibility="ReadWrite">


              <translation lang="en" value="Update quantity"/>



              <item group="main" type="field" label="invtype" entity="inventory" defaultVisibility="Mandatory">


                  <value value="0"/>



              <item group="main" type="field" label="quantity" entity="inventory" defaultVisibility="ReadWrite"/>



          <item group="actions" type="action" label="install_inventory" entity="inventory" defaultVisibility="ReadOnly"/>

          <item group="actions" type="action" label="deinstall_inventory" entity="inventory" defaultVisibility="ReadOnly"/>

          <item group="actions" type="action" label="undo_install_inventory" entity="inventory" defaultVisibility="ReadOnly"/>

          <item group="actions" type="action" label="undo_deinstall_inventory" entity="inventory" defaultVisibility="ReadOnly"/>

          <item group="buttons" type="button" label="submit" defaultVisibility="ReadWrite"/>



      BTW: this is version that I'm using, what is your one?


      Oracle Field Service Cloud 18A Service Update 17

      Instance ***