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    Alexis Rivers
    Scheduling Reports in OBIEE based on dynamic dates
    Topic posted May 11, 2016 by Alexis RiversBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged OBI Answers, OBIEE Answers, Report Delivery, Scheduling or Agents 
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    Scheduling Reports in OBIEE based on dynamic dates
    Schedule report delivery on dynamic date parameter.

    Is it possible to schedule a report in OBIEE based on a dynamic date parameter via prompts built into the report? I don't want to build several reports to schedule based on the dynamic date. Instead I'd like to have one report that can be scheduled based on a month ago or 7 days ago if necessary.



    • Aaron Hager


      We did an SR about this same question a while back, and Oracle's answer was that they could not do this.

      I apologize that I don't have the ER number.

    • David Bowers

      Have you considered putting the dynamic date criteria in your report as a filer?

      Here are the directions we got:

      Case:  You need to see activity in the last 7 days:

      Here is what I got from TALEO Knowledge Exchange.

      1. In the analysis, select the Criteria tab

      2.  In the Filters pane, select to "Create a filter for the current Subject Area" (add a filter)

      3.  Navigate and find the <the date field you want to filter on>

      4.  Drop-down to change the Operator to: "is greater than or equal to"

      5.  Drop-down on "Add More Options" and select "SQL Expression"

      6.  Add the following expression:  TIMESTAMPADD(SQL_TSI_DAY, -<the number of days to look back>, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP)

      7.  Select the "OK" button

      So for 1 day back use:


      A week back use: