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    Is required install the Oracle Database Cloud Backup Module...
    Topic posted April 7, 2017 by Wandervr Green Ribbon: 100+ Points, last edited April 13, 2017 
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    Is required install the Oracle Database Cloud Backup Module when using Enterprise Edition ?
    Is required install the Oracle Database Cloud Backup Module when using Enterprise Edition ?

    Hi everyone.

    I wan't to make a test of backup rman using the trial Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service. I already did my trial subscription.

    I have a Oracle RAC 2 nodes - Enterprise Edition and my doubt is :  Is required install the Oracle Database Cloud Backup Module when using enterprise edition ?

    Does anyone have a good doc to recommend me to help in this test ?





    • Robert Greene

      No you do not need to install, it is present and there is automation

      wrappers around it to make it easier to schedule backups.

      You should check out the backup section of the documentation here:


    • Guilherme Santanna

      One way if you want to move using RMAN is the lift and shift approach, but for you case you need to at least upgrade your database first to because there is no version on Public Cloud DBAAS.

      This doc shows how to do after downloading the "Oracle Database Backup Module" which you'll use as a backup lib.…

      There is a youtube video that somebody did a step by step on it.

      So basically is:

      Backup your database to the cloud Container using "Oracle Database Bakcup Module"

      Create a database in your cloud from this backup.

    • Wandervr

      Hi SantAnna,

      thank you for your reply but it's not clear to me yet. All docs that I've readed there's not this information. If is required install Oracle Database Cloud Backup Module in Oracle Enterprise Edition.

      Do you know if is need ? What I just need to do in my Oracle product to make a backup in cloud? I already did my trial subscription.

      Some months ago I did this trial test using a Database single instance Standard Edition and the tests worked fine. But now, I wanna do using a RAC 2 nodes  Enterprise Edition. That's it.



    • Guilherme Santanna

      I think you'll have to install it either on Enterprise or on Stardard, as on database support it doesn't mention:…


      Oracle Database*

      Enterprise Edition: 10g Release 2 ( and later

      Standard Edition (SE, SE1, SE2): 10g Release 2 (, 11g Release 1 (, 11g Release 2 ( and, and later

      * Unsupported Oracle Database versions are in deprecated mode. See My Oracle Support Doc ID 1640149.1 at for the latest support matrix."

      This Note has a FAQ that might help you.

      Oracle Database Backup Service - FAQ (Doc ID 1640149.1)
    • Cristian Rosca


      Do you want to backup your database in cloud - Oracle cloud storage ?

      Oracle Database Backup Cloud module allows to backup on-premise or cloud deployed Oracle databases to the Oracle Database Backup Service (Oracle’s cloud storage) destination. Database backups may be performed from a database located at customer's data center or cloud deployed databases. Oracle Database Cloud Backup Module is part of Oracle Database Backup Service product family. This module is downloaded by executing the OPC installer which is downloaded from the OTN site.

      Best regards

    • Erik Benner

      Yes, the software will need to be installed if an on-premises server. The directions are here:


    • Wandervr

      Hi SantAnnna.

      You are rigth. Is required install Oracle Database Cloud Module in either releases Enterprise and Standard. I installed and ran a test in my RAC environment 2 nodes with Enterprise Edition. The backup rman tests works fine. The only diference using Standard Edition is that you need to apply a patch 18339044.

      I'd like to share with you a video from youtube that help me a lot. In it you can see that the guy are using an Enterprise Edition.

      Thanks for you help.



    • Guilherme Santanna

      Ya, that is the video I mentioned.

      I'm very happy by knowing that it worked out for you.