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    John Wilson Cusi
    How to default Create Service Request in Engagement Service?
    Topic posted September 25, 2019 by John Wilson CusiBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Channels, Configuration and Administration, Service Request Management 
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    How to default Create Service Request in Engagement Service?
    Need to configure Create Service Request as default when Contact Number does not match in Contacts

    Requirement: When a call is accepted, Engagement Cloud searches through Service Request. If SR Number is provided, open Edit Service Request. If SR Number is not provided, Create Service Request page is displayed.

    Good day to everyone!

    For the requirement above, I have:

    1. Configured Media Toolbar and utilized Oracle call simulator (got from one of the demo environments)

    2. Configured Call Flow to enable Screen Pop (Contact Required & Contact Verification is set to No)

    3. Configured Screen Pop to open Edit Service Request when SR Number is provided.

    I was able to make it work for the scenario when SR number is provided. However, I cannot default Create Service Requests when no SR Number is provided. Anyone can enlighten me what I missed?




    • Veena Verma

      John, The screen pop pages can be configured and the rules can be set in a priority order. So, for your case, you could have:

      Rule 1. Token = SR# ; Page to pop to => Edit SR

      Rule 2. Token = Phone# ; Page to pop to => Create SR


      Let me know if this helps. Are there other tokens you would use?