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    Larry Greenblatt
    Project Name and Number
    Topic posted August 1, 2018 by Larry GreenblattRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Capital Projects, Project Management 
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    Project Name and Number
    Re-using Project Name and Number


    Has anyone figured out a workaround to delete a project name/number in PPM so that it could be re-used again? I have a situation where I need to delete two projects and then recreate with the same name/number. Its my understanding once a name/number is created it cannot be used again. 

    Thank you, Larry



    • Dustin Grabowski


       There currently are no capabilities to delete a project.

      The ability to update the Project Number is dependent on a few things.

         - The Project Unit is using Manual Numbering

         - There are no actual cost transactions or billing events for the project

         - A budget enabled for Budgetary Controls has not been created

        - The Action Controls assigned to the Import source of the project do not preclude name/number update.


      The Project Name can always be updated, unless an Action Control prevents it.


      We do have enhancement requests open to relax some of the validations around updating Project Numbers.  They are currently being considered for a future release.