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    Tony Woloszynek
    One user doesn't see the pencil in requisitions to edit...
    Topic posted April 25, 2019 by Tony WoloszynekGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Setup 
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    One user doesn't see the pencil in requisitions to edit his preferences
    User unable to edit requisition preferences

    User has Procurement Requester Role, and Data Access to the BUs in question.   But on the requisition page itself, he can't see his name, or the pencil icon to edit his Requisition preferences.

    We've tried different browsers, different laptops, adding and removing the Procurement Requester Role and Data Security as well as the Employee Role

    Other users configured similarly don't have this problem.

    Has anyone run into this?




    • Ashok

      Has this home page been customized in the prior release?

    • Tony Woloszynek

      No this is the first release we've been having users test on.

      We do have an open SR, but I figured I'd reach out to the Community to see if anyone has seen something similar.

    • Ashok

      Makes sense. I will also check to see if I find something.

    • Minna Muikku
      I think you need to have a different role to get the pencil (and name). In my opinion it requires either the advanced procurement rewuester or the preparer role (cannot remember which one). If you have only the basic requester role then you are not able to change the requester name, thus you do not have the name and edit icon (pencil). Br, Minna
    • Swami Amajala

      Please ensure the user has Advanced Procurement Requestor role assigned and also setup as Procurement Agent with "Manage Requisitions" enabled.

      User should have BU and Procurement agent access to atleast more than one BU to switch the requisition preferences to other BUs.

    • Ashok


      Visibility of the Edit icon and Requester Name is controlled as below. Please make sure that the user has this privilege. Also, the Task Edit Requisition Preferences ought to be available under Actions independent of this. Are you not observing this to be the case?

      This will be visible only if the user has the 'Create Requisition with Changes to Requester' privilege'