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    Sudharshanan K B
    Rel 13.19B User Adoption Object Activity
    Topic posted April 15, 2019 by Sudharshanan K BGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Reporting and Analytics, Sales, User Adoption 
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    Rel 13.19B User Adoption Object Activity
    With Rel 13. 19B Users will be able to report on User Adoption for object activity

    User Adoption CRM – An Overview

    User Adoption Metrics helps CRM Stakeholders continuously measure the success of their CRM implementation. Using these metrics, CRM business leaders can obtain critical insights on how well users are using the application, if their needs are being met and whether their actions are resulting in the desired business outcome. 
    One critical area of measurement is correlating usage metrics with object activity metrics to understand patterns and trends on how users are creating/updating and managing the business objects in the application.  
    The dashboard and reports shared here is a sample implementation that uses the OTBI subject areas designed specifically for user adoption to show how sales organizations can report usage metrics and object activity metrics. 

    User Adoption - Object Activity addresses the below business needs:

     User Login Reporting:
    · Report User Logins by channels (Web, Mobile, and Mail (Office 365))
    · Get insight on adoption and usage from different channels, compare trends and help improve adoption across channels.
    Active / Inactive Users:
    · Report Top Active users across teams, Job roles, Channels over a period of time.
    Object Activity Details:
    · Report Usage across Object Types by Users.
    · Identify Sales Objects Usage (most used / least used)
    · Report count of Sales Objects Created/Updated, by Object Type, over a period of time.
    Analyze Team Usage:
    · Analyze User Adoption and Object Activity across teams within the organization.