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    Kim Puls
    Committed Cost not clearing after a PO has been fully paid
    Topic posted July 15, 2019 by Kim PulsSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Grants Management, Project Costing, Project Management 
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    Committed Cost not clearing after a PO has been fully paid

    The University of Wyoming has several instances were a requisition was approved, PO was created, good received and invoice created/paid for good. However the encumbrance is still showing in the Awards Module as a committed cost.

    Is there a process we are not running correctly to clear these out?

    When I review the PO it is 100% fully received and I can see that the invoice has been paid in full.

    Please advise if you've had the same issue and know what we need to be doing.

    Thanks - Kim

    University of Wyoming




    • Kim Puls

      There used to be a "delete and resummarize" option through scheduled processes but that seems to be no longer available to us.


    • Heather Hicks

      Hi Kim, 

      BSU had a similar issue with this but found success through the combination of these two scheduled processes: 1) Import Commitments which brings the costs in from purchasing (sounds like you are already running this), and 2) Update Award Performance Data which should update your award card. If that combination doesn't work the other option is to run "Update Project Performance Data" for ONLY the project you are seeing an issue with the selection of 'Delete and Resummarize' instead of incremental. You only want to do this for one-off projects and not advisable to run it wide open, but those are some things to try. 

      I hope that helps! 

      Best Regards, 


      • Kim Puls


        Thanks...we are already doing the first 2 steps. We used to do the delete & resummarzie but that functionality is no longer available.


    • Heather Hicks

      Hi Kim, 

      Thanks for the update. Is there any chance that these are not accounted or swept in AP to another period? That would also prevent them from coming in, but that's the only other thing I can think of.

      - Heather

    • Avesh Ganodwala

      Hi Kim,


      Could please once just check the status of project and in manage project status task check allowable actions in current project status.


      We had similar issue in parst and this was cause.



      Avesh Ganodwala