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    Kristi A. Karels
    Locking out chat offenders
    Topic posted December 30, 2009 by Kristi A. KarelsGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, last edited October 29, 2011 by Erica (Leep) AndersonBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged Chat 
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    Locking out chat offenders

    In our support center, we've had a few harassing chats - which range from a harmless waste of time to asking agents for very personal information to downright nasty. 

    In many situations, the person will use the "same" email (believe it or not).  Is there a message base or feature to use that can block a chat for "repeat offenders"?

    We've already used a couple precautions :

    1) Display agents first names only in chats

    2) Put in standard text that states "Thank you for your inquiry - we will be documenting it in our system for future reference.  Have a nice day."

    Any other suggestions or features that can help us deal with these occasional irritations?



    • Joshua

      We've had the same issue a few times, our biggest one was a customer using one of our department managers names but under a bogus e-mail address.  So far the only thing we have come up with is to create chat rules that do not allow chat sessions to be created.  The way we have it set up is if contact.E-mail - Primary equals (offending addresses) Then Terminate Chat Request. 

      The issue is that if the customer really wanted to they could just change their e-mail address and come back again.  Not sure if there is a better way then this.

    • Carol Volk

      We have several customers using the very same rule - if primary email address = (the offending address), then terminate chat request.  It is also possible to write some code around the chat link that would check for the offending IP address.

    • ihays

      We actually do this through a couple of ways, depending on how bad the chat is.  One of the ways we do this, is like Joshua suggested, and write a chat rule that prevents the email address coming back into chat.  Another thing you can do is go into the Contact's records and selecting the Disabled Flag, which prevents access to logging into the site.  The final thing we have done, again depending on how bad of a chat it is, is blocking the IP Address all together.  I have a report that I created in Analytics that pulls the IP Address from the End-User and then I block them from our support site. 

    • josh

      jhays, how do you block the ip address within the system or is this something you do from the company network side?

    • ihays

      If you go to Commom Configuration --> Settings --> Common --> SEC_INVALID_ENDUSER_HOSTS , then you can list the IP Address that you want to block from your support site.