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    Diego Landro
    Fixed Stops during "Merge Shipment" or "Move...
    Topic posted March 28, 2019 by Diego LandroSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, last edited March 28, 2019, tagged Operational Planning, Setup, Transportation Management 
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    Fixed Stops during "Merge Shipment" or "Move Order/Order Release to Shipment" actions
    How can we let a certain number of stops of a shipments not being changed after a merge or similar action?


    we have a particular case in which we need to plan Order Movement in different shipments and than merge these lasts in an unique one. The problem is that we also need not to change the sequence of the stops of one of the two shipments. For an example I have:

    • Shipment 1
      • Sh1-Stop 1
      • Sh1-Stop 2
      • Sh1-Stop 3
    • Shipment 2
      • Sh2-Stop 1
      • Sh2-Stop 2

    where Stop 1 of both shipments has same location. We would like to merge Shipment 2 into Shipment 1, without moving the sequence of Sh1-Stop 1, Sh1-Stop 2, Sh1-Stop 3 despite it would not be optimal. So, we would be sure to obtain:

    • Shipment 1
      • Sh1-Stop 1
      • Sh1-Stop 2
      • Sh1-Stop 3
      • Sh1-Stop 4 (ex Sh2-Stop 1)
      • Sh1-Stop 5 (ex Sh2-Stop 2)

    Is this possible with standard OTM setup?


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    • Karl Baker

      What's the business problem you are solving here?

      If I understand the request -  you want to append shipment 2's stops (with the same source as shipment 1's stops) onto end of shipment 1 so that stop 1 is loaded for all the stops on the combined shipment (shipment 1 plus shipment 2) - but the sequence of the merged shipment will be the delivery sequence of shipment 1 plus the delivery sequence of the stops on shipment 2.  Interesting.  I don't see anything in the product that supports that requirement.

      If you explain the business scenario maybe something will come out of that - otherwise I would suggest submitting an Idea to the Idea Lab.