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    Subayyal Mustafvi
    Physical Inventory Adjustment Transaction
    Topic posted June 21, 2019 by Subayyal Mustafvi, tagged How-To, Inventory & Cost Management Analytics Cloud, Inventory Cloud, SCM 
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    Physical Inventory Adjustment Transaction
    Unable to post physical inventory adjustment transaction

    I am trying to use the SCM Rest API to create physical Inventory adjustment transaction. I have done the following so far.


    • Created a physical inventory using /physicalInventory endpoint.
    • Taken a snapshot of system on-hand quantities.


    Now I want to create a physical inventory adjustment. I understand that to create a physical inventory adjustment, I have to use the /inventoryTransaction endpoint. However, I am not sure what needs to be passed in the request body to successfully create a physical inventory adjustment. Currently, I am using the following request Body.



        "transactionLines": [


                "OrganizationId": 300000047274444,

                "Item": "CM50005",

                "Subinventory": "Stores",

                "TransactionType": "Physical Inventory Adjustment",

                "TransactionAction": "Physical Inventory",

                "TransactionSourceName": "DDD",

                "TransactionUnitOfMeasure": "Ea",

                "TransactionQuantity": 20,

                "TransactionDate": "2019-05-23"





    I get the following message from the API.


    Please advise.





    • Michael Cummings

      It's not clear how you are using "Create inventory transactions"   POST /fscmRestApi/resources/ to create Physical Inventory Adjustments. Wouldn't  "Update one physical inventory adjustment" -  PATCH /fscmRestApi/resources/{AdjustmentId} be more appropriate for that task? Please file an SR and work this issue through support.