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    Teaming in Resource Tree
    Topic posted December 11, 2018 by AdamSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Configuration, Dispatch Functionally 
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    Teaming in Resource Tree
    Best way to create Teaming

    Our area Level buckets receive unscheduled activities and  Area Managers Scheduled them manually by assigning team of resources. For example 02 Operators and 02 Trucks or 02 Operators and 1 Truck. They need to do it on runtime when the activity arrives from Sales Cloud. Currently we are looking the best practice to create Teams to accomplish this requirement. 

    Currently in Resource Tree we can create teams on runtime by dragging and dropping a Truck or an Operator to Main Operator but once we do that it opens new activity screen. We are having following problems due to this:

    • Newly created activities are creating as blank and appears as separate activity instead of sharing the same activity
    • We cannot close all the activities for assisting resources once the main resource Activity is closed

    There are few questions i would like to know about:

    • Will assisting resource see the location of the main resource activity site location
    • Can we forbid creation of activity once we drag and drop a technician to another technician
    • Can there is no way to forbid creation of activities while teaming for assisting resources, can we have parent child relationship among these activities and cancel the all child activities once the parent activity will get close?





    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      Hi Adam,

      IMO Activity linking functionality is the answer.


      • Adam

        Thanks Zsolt. Please can you explain it more with one ore more real life examples?


    • Adam

      Out client has very simple requirement:

      Activity arrives, create a team of resources ( field operators + trucks) and assign that activity to the team. So 1 activity to one team. But currently Field Service cloud opens up new activity creation form whenever we creates a team. As you know our activities will be coming from external system so what is the purpose of opening new activity form which is totally not required and out of the senses.

      This is coming as showstopper for us as let suppose an activity arrives from Sales Cloud which requires 03 Operators and 01 truck then instead of teaming up resources and assign them to the newly arrive activity the dispatcher will be forcing to create 04 more activities if wants to team up.

      May be there is something i did not understood yet. Now, please understand one thing that there is no way to create manual activities in our field operations. Now please let me know if our linked activities can service the purpose or OFvS is not a solution for our client.

    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      Sorry, but our implementation is different, and the source of the activities isn't the Sales Cloud. We're able to make a main activity and as many second technician's activities as we want and all of them are linked together with the "Start simultaneously" option.

    • Adam

      Thank you Zsolt.

      Please can you advise if there is an option to end simultaneously as well?