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    Beth Bleijie
    AR Invoice Transaction cannot Incomplete, but transaction...
    Topic posted July 1, 2019 by Beth BleijieBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, tagged Financials, General Ledger, Receivables 
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    AR Invoice Transaction cannot Incomplete, but transaction not yet accounted
    Cannot Incomplete invoice, but View Accounting says: You Must Account the Transaction Before Viewing the Journal Entry

    We created an AR Transaction Invoice.  It currently is in a state where we cannot Incomplete the invoice, but we are not aware that we have done Create Accounting yet.

    When trying to View Accounting we get the attached (see image) message: "XLA-870811You must account the transaction before viewing the journal entry."

    I don't want it accounted, but can't Incomplete it in order to continuing editing.

    It appears that a receipt was applied, then unapplied to this invoice.  See 2nd image attached.

    Could that have placed it in this Accounted limbo?

    How do I get it out of this Accounted limbo?