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    Ability to attach KM article in OB messages
    Topic posted January 8, 2019 by ReghuBronze Crown: 15,000+ Points, tagged Channels, Configuration and Administration, Service Request Management, Setup and Configuration 
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    Ability to attach KM article in OB messages
    Ability to attach KM article in OB messages

    As far as I have observed, we can either insert KM content as text or send KM article as hyperlink in Outbound Message (Response) to customers. 

    Can we send articles as attachments? 



    • Reghu

      Any updates on this? 


      Its also observed that, even the insert as link option is not really placing a hyperlink on the email, its just a word.  So what it ideally means is the user cannot see the KM article as attachment or as link (to download)

    • Sanjeev Sahni

      We don’t support this capability to send knowledge articles as attachments in outbound emails.


    • Reghu

      Thanks Sanjeev.  But don't you think it would help a lot. 

      I am just giving a sample scenario

      We have to send some forms to the customers via email.  The options we have

      1. To insert KM article as link in the OB message.  But this feature is not working and got to know, it will work only in Rel19C. 

      2. To insert as Text.  Not good at all

      3. To insert into SR as attachment and then to put in in the OB message.  More number  of steps for the user, UX wise its not very good.


    • Sanjeev Sahni

      Some questions:

      1. Is the requirement to have an option to send an article as an attachment with the email when an outbound message is sent by the agent? 

      Are you suggesting that we convert the article to pdf and attachment to email when this action is done?

      2. Articles can be associated to file attachments as well. How do we handle them?

      3. The forms mentioned above - Where are they defined? Are they part of the article or an article attachment?


    • Sanjeev Sahni

      For the issue that the link in email notification is not clickable, a defect # 29214674 has been logged.

    • Reghu

      Dear Sanjeev,


      Thanks for your response. I think it was either you or your team to evaluate the requirement. It has now been approved as ER for future release.  Thanks.