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    CEC custom components author dialog
    Topic posted October 10, 2018 by Mohan Blue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Components, Content Management, SDK, Site Builder, WCM 
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    CEC custom components author dialog
    CEC custom components author dialog


    Do we have an example of building component for CEC? Do we have approach of how to provide various controls / authoring dialog for component and where does this data get stored?



    • Igor Polyakov

      Yes, there is detailed information available in CEC documentation:

      You can also use Sites Toolkit that allows you developing components locally (on your desktop) and then deploy to the Cloud. Sites Toolkit comes with a number of sample components to get you started -

      If you need to store some date, e.e. capture data submitted via a form, you can create schema in VBCS and then use business object REST API to POST / GET data.