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    Triaging Approval Process Errors: Approver Edit Related...
    Topic posted May 18, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, last edited May 18, 2019, tagged Approvals, How-To 
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    Triaging Approval Process Errors: Approver Edit Related Triage
    When an approver attempts to edit a requisition, the system throws an error preventing edit. How do we resolve this?

    Customers / Support

    I thought this was a very interesting bug that was resolved by our development experts and wanted to share it with you for future such occurrences.

    Business Problem:

    An approver attempts to edit a requisition during the approval process. The system throws an error (See screenshot 1 below). A bug is logged suggesting an issue with the approvals infrastructure.

    Analysis and Resolution:

    Our development expert offered the following analysis:

    When an approver starts to edit a requisition, it is necessary that no other approver be allowed to take the approval action while the edit is in process. This prevents the approval from being accidentally approved with no knowledge that the requisition is currently being edited. To prevent this, the approval process is suspended as soon as edit requisition begins. Once approver is done with edit and submits the requisition, the process can be resumed.

    To this end, the resolution in this case on offer was:

    1. Go to Task configuration in BPM and open the task entitled ReqApproval
    2. Click Assignee tab and ensure a value exists for the attribute entitled Task Owner
    3. Go to the Access tab. Expand the Actions region. Look for action entitled Suspect in the table
    4. Make sure the action is enabled for ADMIN and OWNER. If checkbox for these two are not set, enable checkbox, save and commit changes (See screenshot 2)

    Screenshot 1: Edit Requisition error displayed on Approver Edit