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    Jenni Gill
    Quota managemnt for new capacity category
    Topic posted July 7, 2017 by Jenni GillGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Capacity / Quota 
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    Quota managemnt for new capacity category


    I need to apply a new capacity category with a new work skill that limited resource will have, previously all resources were skilled to do all job types therefore we have only had one capacity category. How can I now configure the capacity bucket so that we can calculate the correct number of quota minutes for the resource in the bucket who are skilled for each capacity category and take into account unavailabilitys which we apply as an internal activity to the resource. Here are the two issues I am finding at the minute

    Quota by capacity category setting

    Setting 1) Quota is entered as % of maximum capacity available in this category

    Pros –   Calculates the correct quota minutes for the amount of capacity in the bucket that has that work skills. This is good as it means quota can be set without knowing what shifts the resources in the bucket work.

    Cons – Does not count other activities into capacity quota calculation which may lead to overbooking and means every time any person has an Internal activity applied it becomes very manual for the diary team who then need to adjust all capacity quotas.

    Setting 2) Quota is entered as % of quota defined on a parent level

    Pros -  Other activities are considered Quota % are calculated from max Available-Other activities

    Cons – Quota for that capacity category can be opened even if there is no resource open that is skilled on that day. I.e total quota minute 200 if you open capacity 'commercial' as 50% quota will open for 100 minutes even if no one is working that day who has that skill.


    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



    Oracle Field Service Cloud 17.2