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    chidambaram CT
    Business rule is not firing
    Topic posted May 21, 2018 by chidambaram CTBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points 
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    Business rule is not firing


    I want send a survey email to the contact after the incident has been solved.  Even below condition has met, rule is not fired. I have check the rule log, rule is not fired.

    What could be the issue? Whether I need to raise this issue with Oracle?






    • Justin

      if the rule has not fired, make sure that you have activated the current rule set, and that your rule is in the correct State (assuming you have more than one)

    • chidambaram CT

      As you said there is problem in my state. I have assigned that to correct state. Now business rule is firing, but email is not received in my inbox.  I am receiving email after creating incident (send receipt email). Send receipt email rule  is placed in the "Initial" state and survey rule is placed in the next following state "Progress".

      Please note my Outreach mailbox is enabled. 

    • Justin

      is your survey 'Launched'  on? Also make sure its not ending up in your junk or clutter box. If it is you may want to look into using DKIM or at the least updating your SPF to include the servers. 

    • Justin

      see image of where to launch survey attached here

    • chidambaram CT

      Hi Justin,

      Survey is launched already. I have checked spam folder in my mailbox, I can't see that survey email. 

    • Simon Kilgarriff

      Another common thing to check is the global opt-in setting. 

      When editing the survey there is an 'Honor Global Opt-In' check-box which I think is checked by default.  For closed incident surveys people often remove this check.  Alternatively, check that the contact record you are testing with has ma_opt_in field set to 'yes'.


    • chidambaram CT

      There is some problem in outreach mailbox configuration. Once resolved, I will updated this thread with explanation.

    • Pramod Vasudeva Murthy

      For Surveys to work have these in check:

      • Outreach mailbox with outgoing capabilities enabled
      • Survey launched
      • Rules triggering the transactional survey
      • Incident status Rule
      • Valid Contact email address too!

      Make use of rule logs to cross verify working.