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    aaina Khan
    Issue with dropdown - options taken from SDP
    Topic posted October 30, 2019 by aaina KhanRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Business Objects, JET, Services, UI 
    Issue with dropdown - options taken from SDP
    Default value not getting loaded in dropdown when i take the options from an SDP

    I have created a service connector (describe) for connecting a business object and the key and values from the BO would be taken to display options for a drop down. The dropdown is working fine. 

    But the real issue comes when I assign the Value of the drop down to a valid value from the results obtained from the above said SDP. For example if the option name is India and option value is IN, and I am setting the value attribute of the dropdown option (oj-select-one) to IN, the default value India should be displayed but its not. I am using similar  dropdown in the same page that will fetch value from some other similar service. It fetches and displays values correctly. Kindly help me to figure out what I made wrong. Am attaching the console data FYR.

    Attaching both which is behaving correct correctOne.png and wrong one wrongOne.png also.