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    Jaideep Arote
    How to disassemble an assembly?
    Topic posted October 23, 2018 by Jaideep Arote, tagged Manufacturing MDM, Manufacturing Analytics, Production Execution, Tip, White Paper, Work Execution 
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    How to disassemble an assembly?
    Create a work order to remove all components of an assembly.

    An assembly needs to be disassembled into its components. How to create a work order for disassembling of an assembly?




    • Radhakrishnan Angappan

      Using the Rework (or) Transform work order types; user can specify a component with -ve qty and perform material negative issue transaction (the component is removed from the work order and back to inventory).

      Now, in your scenario, do you want the disassembled assembly to be completed into Inventory? If yes, then you can create a Rework work order, the assembly is automatically issued to the work order upon release action, then remove all the components and complete the disassembled assembly (should be with zero cost, if all components are removed) into inventory.

    • Radhakrishnan Angappan

      There is no separate document for the disassembly case; you may refer the following user-guide sections about rework, transform work orders; material negative issue and return transactions:



      now if some parts of the assembly are to be scrapped and some parts are only to be sent back to inventory is it possible


    • Radhakrishnan Angappan

      Yes, this is possible. If a rework work order is created for 10 Each; 2 Ea can be scrapped and 8 Ea can be completed into inventory.