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    ajinkya patil
    Impact on Order Processing after Upgrade to 18D from 18C
    Topic posted November 30, 2018 by ajinkya patilRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited November 30, 2018, tagged API / Integration, Learning / Statistics, Resource Management 
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    Impact on Order Processing after Upgrade to 18D from 18C

    Hi Gurus,

      I wanted to know if there will be any impact on the Order Processing when upgrade from 18C to 18D. If there will be any impact, what is the impact ?


    Thank you


    Ajinkya Patil




    • Dmytro Shurkov

      Hello  ajinkya,

      Sorry, but your question is not clear enough for me.
      Normally nothing should be changed significantly, otherwise it should be described enough in documentations:

      Hope it helps.

      Thank you

      • ajinkya patil

        I mean is there any changes made whenever an activity is processed from the external system to OFSC or the complete life cycle of the Order when it is processed.

        • shankar

          Hi, If your OFSC system is using REST APIs for activity creation and for outgoing subscriptions are preferred way of communicating with OFSC(outgoing) . If  you have ensured to use OAuth or JWT authentication it wont be a problem from my knowledge.