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    Montserrath Alcaraz
    Error G-generateTrxNumber. (JG-3975028)
    Topic posted May 20, 2019 by Montserrath Alcaraz, tagged Configuration, Financials, Receivables 
    Error G-generateTrxNumber. (JG-3975028)

    Hi everyone,


    I was trying to generate an AR transaction but the error G-generateTrxNumber. (JG-3975028) pops up.

    When searching in My Oracle Support documents I found one that was quite helpful but still got stucked in one of the steps.


    Error: Process failed with unexpected error: JG-generateTrxNumber. (JG-3975028) when completing invoice (Doc ID 2471299.1) and Unable To Complete AR Transaction (Doc ID 2504823.1)


    In the Doc ID 2504823.1 the steps are the following:

    1. From Setup and Maintenance work area, navigate to Manage Localization Document Numbering task.

    2. Search for Argentina.

    3. On Create Document Numbering in Spreadsheet page, for Business Unit field, select the business unit for this configuration. Only the Business Units enabled for Argentina Document Numbering are displayed.

    4. For Configuration For field, select Setup for document numbering.

    5. This launches the DocumentNumberingTemplate spreadsheet.

    6. Connect to application.

    7. On Create Document Numbering for Sales Transactions workbook, for Document Class field,select a specific document class if you want to assign the document sequence at a lower granularity.

    8. For Document Letter field, select the document letter associated with the document sequence.

    9. For Transaction Type field, enter a specific transaction type if you want to assign the document sequence at a lower granularity.

    10. For Sequence Name field, enter the document sequence as defined previously.

    11. For Branch Number field, enter the branch number that will be part of the document number.

    12. For Advance Days field, enter the interval of days allowed between a document number and the next document number. If the current transaction date is after the last transaction date with the addition of Advance Days, the transaction cannot be numbered/completed.

    13. For Authorization Code field, enter the authorization code to generate a Numeric Bar Code. The Numeric Bar Code is generated on submission of the spreadsheet and it is copied to the transaction header when a transaction is Complete.


    From steps 7-13 I understand the, however, I do not know the specific document class, the document sequence or what does the letters in the document mean.

    Does anybody know what they mean or how to choose them?



    Montserrath Alcaraz