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    Saurabh Sharma
    ChatBot integration
    Topic posted January 30, 2019 by Saurabh SharmaBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Chat, Co-browse, Email, Messaging, Video Chat, Virtual Assistant 
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    ChatBot integration
    ChatBot integration with ORN

    Hello Team,

    I would like to understand that how we can integrate the Chatbots with service cloud, is it possible?

    Does anybody know if this is possible? Are there available APIs for this, and if so are there readily available connectors? Or is custom development necessary? Thank you in advance!

    Please advice we have to update the same information in the SOW for our potential customer.


    Saurabh Sharma




    • Vinay Mohan

      Are you referring to integrating Oracle Virtual Assistant with Service Cloud or some other chatbot product? If it's the former, then that's very tightly integrated with OSvC and can be set up pretty quickly.

      • Saurabh Sharma


        Customer has some third party chat bot and he confirmed from his existing vendor that chatbot integration is available in ORN (Service cloud)

        I am not sure, anyway will keep posted you thank you for your response.

        Meanwhile can you please share some whitepaper or documentation on how to integrate Oracle virtual assistance, I am very new to OSvC and need to speed on the integrations point.


        Thank you,

        Sayrabh Sharma

      • Saurabh Sharma

        Thank you for the acknowledgement. I am aware about the virtual assistant, can you please let me know how I can configure it with service cloud.

        I saw the webinar (CX – Unlock the power of your contact center with Virtual Assistant) but not sure about its admin setups to configure it.


        Saurabh Sharma

        • Mandy Schiffrin

          Hi Saurabh,

          Oracle Virtual Assistant (OVA) is currently available to buy on controlled availability (EQ - Engineering Qualification) - it is not yet a feature that you can just turn on or off.  It comes fully integrated with Oracle Service Cloud Chat, out of the box.  OVA acts like 'just another agent', trying to answer questions until it hits an escalation scenario (defined in a series of customizable escalation policies), and then seamlessly handing off for routing to an agent (when there are agents available).

          So, to cut a long story short, in order to set up VA, you must first have bought it, had it provisioned and enabled, then we'll send you the steps that you'd need to follow to configure the routing.

          Hope that answers your questions?



          • Saurabh Sharma

            Thank you Mandy for this knowledge. I need to confirm few things

            > Is Chatbot and OVA is same thing, I want to be pretty sure here that they are same or different features in service cloud. Because my prospect customer is having third party chatbot in version 18, and they want a support contract with us and in that they want we should assist them in the integration issues related to CTI, chatbot etc...

            > Secondly, I dont have any experience in working with chatbot integration, working DEMO instance 18D, and requested for chatbot integration from Oracle support team. But they updated that it is not available in version 18.

            So can you help me with some documentation which I will review and present myself in better way in front of the my prospect customer.

            Also I want to confirm from you tha tOVA and chatbot are different things, if they are?

            because OVA I very much understand.

            Your support will be highly appreciated.



            Saurabh Sharma

    • Vinay Mohan

      Saurabh, if the customer is using a third party chatbot the setup documentation for OVA isn't going to help. OVA is Oracle's in house chatbot offering that's tightly integrated with Service Cloud, and a completely separate product from the one you're referring to. What is the name of the other chatbot product? You'll have to refer to their setup documentation in order to understand and troubleshoot their integration with Service Cloud.

      • Saurabh Sharma

        Thank you Mohan for providing more clarity here. Your below statement is very much helpful

         "OVA is Oracle's in house Chatbot offering that's tightly integrated with Service Cloud"

        Anyway I am looking to get an update from customer regarding there Chatbot. ANy idea in which version OVA is available, is it 19A?

        Thank you



        Saurabh Sharma

        • Vinay Mohan

          OVA was first launched in March 2018 and is compatible with Service Cloud versions 13.11 and beyond. OVA is on continuous delivery and we release features as and when they're ready, we're not tied to Service Cloud's quarterly release schedule.


      Hello, is it possible to integrate a 3rd party chatbot with OSvC chat? do you have documentation, papers, links,

      Much appreciated