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    vijay kalidasan
    Business Rule Execution Issue
    Topic posted November 27, 2017 by vijay kalidasanBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points 
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    Business Rule Execution Issue

    Hi Team,


    I have created few business rule in RightNow that gets executed based on our predefined conditions.

    The business rule is getting executed on create and on update of incident, but i need these rules to be executed only on incident creation.

    Is it possible to fire a business rule only on creation of an incident?


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    • Tasha Sylvester

      Hello Vijay,

      Yes, you can set that up in the business rules.  There are several different options to solve.  Immediately I think about leveraging the incident status as part of the rule, ie. if status = new or whatever status you have when incident is created THEN fire the action of the rule you set up.  You can also research the IF condition:  Incident.updated or Incident.Response Sent.


      Alternatively if you need actions to happen to the Incident before it is Saved, you could potentially leverage Incident workspace rules, but again I leverage these mainly if I need an action to happen before I save the record.




    • Ryan

      Vijay -

      In addition to Tasha's suggestions, it's important to understand how the rules engine is executed (more on that here).  Since all applicable rules are executed against a record during each commit, you'll need to find a way to identify your "new" incidents in such a way that BR conditions would apply.  Using rule states to isolate new from "in-flight" incidents is another way you might consider tackling this.


    • Suresh Thirukoti

      Also you can use States (1 - Initial - For Create/New incidents, 2 - In Progress - Update incidents , 3 - Close - Final stage of incidents )  to transition from Creation to Update actions so you can keep away rules from execution in the state

      You can use Transition to State and stop