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    Hardik Gupta
    Resource WorkZone Mismatch Error
    Topic posted September 20, 2016 by Hardik GuptaGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points 
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    Resource WorkZone Mismatch Error


    When I try to move activity on Core Manage Interface via drag and drop I am getting "Resource workzone mismatch" error. The 2 resources have the same work zone and location. 

    Under Resource Settings -> Workzone and Resource Settings -> Location I have added the same address details. 

    Also the activity has the same address as the Resource Location.

    OFSC verison is Feb 2016.


    Oracle Field Service Cloud



    • Umesh Rao

      Hi Hardik,

      What's the  'Work skill Condition' in Work skill Setup? If you have included 'City' as one of the Condition then please make sure you create activity with 'City' value in all upper case. 


    • Hardik Gupta

      Hi Umesh,

      I do not have 'City' value in work skill condition.

      If you suggest I can remove the work skill condition all together and then try.


    • Ajinkya Patil


      Even I am facing the workzone mismatch error issue. But the fact is I have assigned the workzones same for the bucket as well as the technician. Could you please help me in resolving this?  

    • Hardik Gupta


      The activity has "aworkzone" field. Populate that field with the required workzone.


      Hardik Gupta 

    • Pavan Patil

      @hardik gupta 

      and also i am facing there are no activites found in routing plans even though we have added activity to bucket

      and while drag and drop it says work zone mismatch



    • Pavan Patil

      Hi I have found out the issue for "Workzone mismatch"

      there can be a also case where you configure (City 3, case insensitive) but while creating work order your entering full city

      name and in settings we have given length as 3 so its says workzone msmatch.

      please find the above attachement.

      Thanks & Regards

      Pavan Patil


    • Ajinkya Patil

      HI Fellas,

        How is the City and Workzones Connected.

      When activity is created, and an activity is dragged and dropped to a particular technician and we do not fill the City column we still get a workzones mismatch.

      Thank you.

    • Hardik Gupta

      Hi Ajinkya,

      Pavan is using City as the work zone key. So for him he has to fill in the city column for the activity. 

      Which is your workzone key?

      I am using country and a custom property OFSC work zone code.


      Hardik Gupta


    • Christian Anceri

      Hi Hardik Gupta,

      I suggest if you can try to use another work zone key to validate the zone.

      At the time we had the same problem and we solved it by changing work zone key to "postal code".

      In that case, the postal code of the activity must match with the postal code defined in the wok zone


      Christian Anceri