Financial Consolidation and Close

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    Stefanie Rosenberg
    Announcing Two New Tour Videos for Financial Consolidation...
    Topic posted June 17, 2019 by Stefanie RosenbergRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Consolidation, Dashboards, Income Statement, Intercompany, Supplemental Data, Task Manager, Translations 
    Announcing Two New Tour Videos for Financial Consolidation and Close and EPM Cloud
    Announcing two videos. A Tour of Financial Consolidation and Close and a Tour of EPM Cloud.


    Overview: Tour of Financial Consolidation and Close in EPM Cloud

    Need an agile EPM tool that provides a complete, streamlined end-to-end close solution? Need more visibility into your close, consolidation, data collection, and reporting activities? Oracle EPM Cloud delivers. The preconfigured close model makes it easy to meet global requirements such as GAAP and IFTS, prebuilt cash flow, balance sheet, and income statement let you report with confidence, and you can integrate with core source systems. #EPMCloud

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    Overview: Tour of EPM Cloud

    Need a world-class EPM Cloud solution? Don’t settle for a partial, configuration-heavy solution that will clunk your business along, data silo by silo, process by disjointed process. Oracle EPM Cloud provides agile, connected, and purpose-built solutions to give you the insight you need to outpace change. #EPMCloud

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