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    Jerry Bitter
    Navigation - Requisitioners and Buyers
    Topic posted April 18, 2017 by Jerry Bitter, tagged Approvals/Notification, Create Requisition, Update Preparer and Requester 
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    Navigation - Requisitioners and Buyers
    What Navigational aids are best for Requisitioners and Buyers?

    Do you have best practice suggestions for helping users queue up or access data and documents in Procurement to focus attention, or help them fulfill responsibilities?


    Cloud ideas being considered for:

    1. Requisitioner
      1. Manage Requisitions

    i.Select criteria


    1. Notification Bell
    1. Approvers
      1. Notification Bell
      2. Email
    2. Purchasing Agent/Buyer
      1. Purchasing Dashboard
      2. OTBI reports scheduled and distributed daily, weekly, monthly to mail or other

    i.Late requisition or PO approval

    ii.Change requests not processed

    iii.Requisitions not processed

    What has worked well for you?

    Thank you,