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    Unable to mass edit or update suggested buyer on the...
    Topic posted May 22, 2019 by MANISH KUMARBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Create Requisition, Requisition Processing, Update Preparer and Requester 
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    Unable to mass edit or update suggested buyer on the requisition lines if one line has bpa reference and other do not have bpa
    Unable to mass edit or update suggested buyer on the requisition lines if one line has bpa reference and other do not have bpa

    We are facing a bug ( at least in our mind) that we are trying to mass update suggested buyer but the field is not coming in mass edit screen and we find that it is not coming because one line has bpa reference and other does not have bpa reference. If all the lines either have bpa reference or not have bpa reference then i am able to do mass update of suggested buyer.


    what are we missing?





    • Suman Guha


      Do you have a SR logged for this issue? If so, could you please provide the SR#?

      Thank you,


    • Mara Prieto

      Hi Manish,

      The selected lines need to have the same procurement BU. One way to determine the procurement BU is the supplier site. So, the lines with BPA probably have the same supplier site or sites in the same procurement BU.
      Could you please confirm how the requisition lines were created: search/browse, enter req line page, NCR, smart form, etc.
      For the lines that do not have BPA, do you have a site?

      We might need to revisit our logic for combination of lines with procurement BU and without. Lines with no procurement BU would be created from enter req line page or NCR and without any supplier/site.


    • Ashok


      Was an SR raised for this?

    • Ashok


      Please do this. Can you attach or send me via email through this portal screenshots of the requisition lines that you are combining to perform the mass edit action? Also, can you establish beyond doubt whether those lines all contain the same Procurement BU? To do this, you can do a GET using our GET REST Service to check what the Procurement BU is on each of them. You have stated above that all lines have the same Procurement BU. I would like to see that through your screenshots. Also, if you can clarify how you created those requisition lines it would be helpful. I will take a look at the details you send and revert.

      Basically, if per your assertion every line has a Procurement BU and they are all the same Procurement BU, mass edit should work for the Suggested Buyer attribute. This is designed functionality and so I am trying to establish if something about the data you are trying to edit is non-compliant.