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    Martina Indolenti
    Supplier Tax Registration Number validation rules
    Topic posted June 25, 2019 by Martina IndolentiGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Financials, Payables 
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    Supplier Tax Registration Number validation rules
    Provide Supplier Tax Registration Number validation rules

    Hi team,

    when I register a new supplier indicating a Tax Registration number, system perfroms validation checks based on Tax Country. If the value is not compliant, the system prompts up this error message:


    The format of the tax registration number is invalid. (ZX-885655)
    Cause The tax registration number does not comply with the format check applied to registration numbers for country {COUNTRY_NAME}.
    Action Correct the invalid tax registration number.

    Is it possible to have the full list of validation rules that are in place for Tax Registration number for each Tax country?

    Thank you in advance

    Oracle Cloud Application 19B (



    • Maria Centeno

      Hi Martina, I do not think there is a public list available with all country tax registration number validations but you can work through Oracle Support to know what rules are being triggered for the country in question.


    • Martina Indolenti

      Hi Maria,

      thanks for your feedback.

      I logged an SR to Oracle Support in order to have these rules for all managed countries and I'm waiting a response.

      In the meantime have you some document reference for European Country? I've found this note on MOS for Italy.

      What Are the Validation for Entering Tax Registration Number for Italy While Registering Supplier. (Doc ID 2540481.1)



      • Maria Centeno

        There could be random notes for specific countries but I have not seen a comprehensive list. Even the European Commission declines to divulge country TRN validation algorithms. That said, there are multiple sources that you can find on the internet with country TRN validations, unofficial though.

    • Sudhakara Rao Kovuru
      Hi Martina,
      Oracle will allow 50 characters but rules are based on country specific so please go through below link for more details.
      for some examples:-