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    Rushi Joshi
    Show supplier bank account from supplier address/site on...
    Topic posted October 7, 2019 by Rushi JoshiSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, last edited October 10, 2019, tagged Fusion, How-To, Supplier Profile Management, Supplier User Account 
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    Show supplier bank account from supplier address/site on supplier portal
    Need to check if it is possible to capture supplier bank account from supplier address or/and supplier site to the supplier profile on supplier portal.

    Hello all,

    Currently, I can only see the bank account that is on the supplier header and that is getting captured on the supplier portal (supplier user account).

    Scenario: There are there supplier addresses, sites and contacts(user accounts). Every address is linked with a unique bank account, site and a unique contact(through address). All these three unique bank accounts are also unique with the one on the supplier header(profile).


    1) To capture bank account on supplier portal from supplier address/site instead of supplier header. Is this achievable? Does it govern by roles/privileges?

    2) If point one is achievable, how can we add security? On the supplier portal, one user account should only be able to view the bank account associated with the address and site assigned to him/her.

    3) If everything above is not possible, can I simply restrict one bank account from supplier header to one contact user account on the supplier portal?






    • Hong Gao

      Supplier portal profile management currently only supports header level bank accounts.  Address level bank accounts support is an enhancement on the roadmap.



      • Rushi Joshi

        Hello Hong,

        Thanks for the update. Do we already have an ER or Idea number for the same?

        Also, is it possible to restrict one bank account from the multiple bank accounts on the header level with the corresponding one user on the supplier portal?