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    Gene Emil Garcia
    Dunning Letter Setup in R13
    Topic posted May 5, 2019 by Gene Emil Garcia, tagged Allocations, Collections, Configuration, Financials, Receivables 
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    Dunning Letter Setup in R13
    Dunning Letter Setup in R13


    We need to setup dunning for the first time. What are the step by step that we need to do in order to have the said functionality be enabled or setup accordingly?

    Appreciate your help and suggestions on this one.




    Oracle Fusion R13



    • Krishna Sharma


      Enable dunning at customer profile and system options

      • Gene Emil Garcia

        Hi Krishna,

        Would you be able to elaborate what needs to be done on customer profile and system options?


        • Krishna Sharma


          In receivables system options, update email id of business under statement tab

          also update the details at Manage Collections Preferences

          Use the preconfigured aged or staged dunning letters delivered by the application or create new dunning letters to meet unique requirements. Configure dunning to run in one of two methods; aged dunning which is based on the oldest past due debit item or staged dunning which is based on the number of days since the previous letter was sent.

          Navigate to functional setup manager and search for manage dunning configurations

          enable dunning and update related information like type, set, method etc.

          Next at customer level

          1. Search customer in Customer page
          2. Update contact details with responsibility as dunning
          3. Choose Profile history ->Actions -> Correct recprd
          4. At account level, you have 'Send Dunning Letters' option and here is where it can be enabled and mention the preferred method like email.