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    Sam Crawford
    Requisition BU - No Suppliers Available
    Topic posted February 26, 2019 by Sam CrawfordRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Create Requisition, How-To, Requisition Processing, Supplier Creation 
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    Requisition BU - No Suppliers Available
    I'm unable to select suppliers once a PO is created in a Service Center BU

    Hello, I'm sure I'm doing something stupid here, but at present, I've got BU1 setup as the main business unit that provides procurement for BU2.  BU2 is a requisition/receiving/paying business unit, but the procurement function is centralized.  

    Once I process my requisition from BU2 into a PO in BU1, none of my suppliers are available.  Why is that, shouldn't I have all my BU1 suppliers available?  I'm also unable to create a site address for BU2 in the supplier profile, which, I would assume is because it's not a procurement business unit?  What simple mistake am I making here?



    • Aditya Singh

      Hi Sam, 

      Please check the in Procurement Setup->Organization Structure->View Service Clients.

      Please check what is relation of your BU, whether BU1 is procurement BU for Bu2 or not.

      Also at the supplier site level please check the site assignment.


      Aditya Singh

    • Sam Crawford

      Hi Aditya, thank you for your response.  

      Yes, that's what's confusing me.  BU1 is procurement BU for BU2, and there's dozens of suppliers with a site assignment for BU1.  Is there some other setting I may have missed?

    • Piyush Singh

      Hi Sam,

      Apart from setup, Aditya also asked to check the site assignments. Have you created site assignments for all these sites? Can you review and revert?



    • Sam Crawford

      Hi Piyush, yes, I did check the site assignments.  All of the suppliers have a site assignment for BU1.  They appear no problem when the requisition is stafted in BU1, but not when the requisition originates in BU2, though the requisitions appears and will create a PO in BU1.