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    Stephen Coleman
    Update/Maintainance Failure
    Topic posted August 5, 2019 by Stephen ColemanBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Balance Sheet, Consolidation, Dimensions 
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    Update/Maintainance Failure
    The maintainance 08/02/19 failed


    I logged into the environments this morning and noticed the upgrade failed.  It stated a form failed, FCCS_Balance Sheet Key Balances By View.  I am not exactly sure yet, but I did see two accounts with "_TBA" and my account structure is out of order.

    Has anyone seen this after the update?

    The application was functioning as expected Friday before the upgrade.


    • Rich Wilkie
      You should log an SR or update the SR with these details.  This may not be related.
      • Luis

        Hi Rich, If this comment was about the members in the wrong location it is defenetly related. We saw that in more than one environment (different customers)  after the patch - likely caused when the patch duplicated an alias. I`ve updated one of the SRs. However due to a holiday in India (where our SE is based) seems like the response time is slower than usual.

        Thanks for your prompt response