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    Ekansh Jain
    Inventory to Projects Material Transfer - Issue to Project...
    Topic posted February 3, 2019 by Ekansh JainBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Inventory Cloud 
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    Inventory to Projects Material Transfer - Issue to Project Transaction
    While creating Inventory POs - Oracle does not have functionality to enter Project details


    Currently, Oracle does not have the functionality to enter Project details while creating purchase orders with destination type "Inventory". Therefore, we have suggested our client receive the PO in Inventory first and then issue out the material to projects using "Miscellaneous Transaction" for projects as per the instructions shared in the white paper published by Oracle.

    1) Our client is insisting to find the ETA for the solution. Please provide the ETA of the solution where we can enter the Project details in Inventory PO only instead of receiving the POs in Inventory and then issuing it out.

    2) While performing to issue to projects our client is issuing out almost 40000 serial number for any item. Therefore, they wanted to use the "Select serial number" button to select the serial numbers. But the button has limitation to pick the only batch of 500 serial numbers in one go. We have raised Oracle SR as well but Oracle has confirmed that its a limitation and asked us to develop the web services for "Issue to Projects" and "Receipt from Projects". Please confirm when this will get resolved.





    • Lynn Warneka

      We don't have a firm ETA for the solution for project details while creating purchase orders with destination type Inventory.  It is on the roadmap.  We have started to work on it and are doing so over incremental releases.  It's looking like it'll be a release candidate at some point in calendar 2020 at this point.  

      For the 500 row limitation, that's a limitation with the general applications technology (not an Inventory specific issue).  I'm sorry but I don't have confirmation on that one.