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    Kamal Wadhwani
    Action is read only during selection on pages
    Topic posted January 30, 2019 by Kamal WadhwaniGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Architecture, Configuration, Groovy 
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    Action is read only during selection on pages
    I need action which can create record and save it without user intervention, that option is present in OSC but when I create action and try to expose on Page its not allowing me to do so. PFAB
    Action.PNG (10KB)



    • Reghu

      I have faced this issue recently and rasied a SR with Support last week, I will keep you posted if I get any updates soon.  Else, you can raise a SR too and let me know if you get anything positive.

      Nevertheless, Did you try Webservice option?  That can be used to save the record explicitly and see whether it meets your flow.  This has its own limitations, but you can give a try to see whether it meets yours

      • Kamal Wadhwani

        Thanks Raghu, I tried web service option but it degrate performance and not worked for me.. Please help me if you get anything from Oracle on your SR.

    • Reghu

      Hmm I understand.  I have escalated the issue, I will let you know

    • Kamal Wadhwani

      Do you mind sharing SR number?

    • Reghu

      Sorry, I cannot do that. even if I do, it cant be viewed due to CSI restrictiosn

    • Mihaela Anghel


      Please try using a new custom layout.


      Best regards,