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    Sreedhar Loorthu
    How to use CURLFile() with File Attachment of...
    Topic posted June 10, 2019 by Sreedhar Loorthu, tagged Connect PHP, Custom Process Models - CPMs, REST 
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    How to use CURLFile() with File Attachment of Incident
    Fetch File Attachment from Incident and Pass it to CURLFile() function using PHP
    As part of Integration, I need to pass an image file to REST API. 
    It was recommended to use CURLFile('') function for assigning file.
    So, I need to get the file from a particular Incident's FileAttachment and assign it in JSON using PHP.
    Find the bleow sample code for CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS.
    array('file'=> new CURLFILE('imagefile.jpg'),
      'method' => 'method_name',
      'api_key' => 'XXXXXXXAPIKEYXXXXXXX',
      'body' => '{
    "type": "image", 
    "image" : {
    "caption" : "Image File"
    'from' => 'from_number',
    'format' => 'json')
    How to get the file from Incident and pass it to CURLFILE('') function?