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    Jon Kelly
    Rest API to feed FinishDate for Project Team Members
    Topic posted April 23, 2019 by Jon KellySilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points, tagged Grants Management, Project Management, Project Resource Management 
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    Rest API to feed FinishDate for Project Team Members

    I am currently testing the use of Rest API to push changes for project team members in our system. I'm trying to use a spreadsheet populated with the information to push the change, but cannot get a successful update when trying to pull the finish date from the spreadsheet. Using the json below, I can feed ProjectId and TeamMemberId from spreadsheet as long as I am using one specific date for all, but if I try to use the third line to pull from the same source, I get a bad request. Had anyone done an update like this and had success? I'm not sure why the date wouldn't be allowed to pull from the same Excel. Is there possibly something in json to do differently, or format of the fields in Excel? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!






    • Travis Crane


      Did you figure this out.  Which program are you using to do the mass update?  JMeter? or running from Excel?  I have done both.

      I know that Excel will reformat your date and mess it up.  The Finish date format is      "FinishDate" : "2019-04-26"

      This works for me.


      • Jon Kelly

        Hi, Travis,

        We are now using Soap-UI Pro from Smartbear and it does seem to be working. Definitely some good possibilities of doing mass updates with this method. 


    • Travis Crane

      That is good to hear.  Are you consuming an excel file with Soap-UI.  I haven't tried that with Soap-UI but maybe that is because I don't have Pro.


      • Jon Kelly

        Yes, the basic (free) version doesn't support the use of spreadsheets for uploading in bulk. They have multiple softwares they offer based on what you need to do. The lowest level is Soap UI Pro and that definitely meets our needs. It allows both soap and rest feeds with spreadsheets.