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    Kurt Helfrich
    Interview information into incident as textAnswered
    Topic posted October 5, 2016 by Kurt HelfrichGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points 
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    Interview information into incident as text

    Noob warning: I'm doing my first OPA project.

    This is a simple project.  From the CP, a logged in contact fills out an interview to provide information in a bunch of mostly text fields and paste it into an incident.  It's a service request with some specific data that do not need to be made into yet more custom fields.

    The CP user may not be receiving the service or paying for the service, so I'm just collecting all the job site and billing info as text.

    I have looked at the information in the documentation and some other guides I found, but I don't see how I format and paste that text in.  Do I use OPA forms?  I don't want the interview data as an attachment; I want it as formatted text in the incident.

    Can someone steer me in the right direction?

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    Fiona Guy

    Hi Kurt 

    Looks like you are missing the rule to actually infer the thread entity instance. There's information on how to write these rules under the topic Write rules that infer relationships and entities. Specifically see worked example 2. 

    So in your example you need something like:

    the threads (the job site text) exists if

    the incident subject is known


    the job site text = the concatenation of ... (whatever you want your thread text to be. Make sure any attributes are already known - ie don't belong to the thread entity)

    Also note that you can't use html in the text string to format your text (although watch this space for improvements in this area). 

    I've separately emailed you a modified version which hopefully you can get working. Let us know how you go.