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    RN database
    Topic posted June 7, 2013 by Ramana Red Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    RN database

    In the process of migration to RN ! Have two questions

    1. Does RN support Oracle DB ?..

    2. Say if I want to retreive some specific data(order number) from DB how would I make RN fetch it ?..

    Any help would be appriciated




    • Charlie Mopps

      1. No... Rightnow runs on MySQL but you basically have no access to the tables.

      2. RightNow had an ODBC connection but they are depricating that to force us into using the SOAP API. You can use that but it requrires writing code in C# or Java and they written their own version of SQL called ROQL which is horrible and has a limit of 10k rows. Creates updates and deletes can only be done 100 records at a time so if you have a lot it will take a long time. I just got done with a 5.6 million record update and it took my code 3 days to complete the task.


      Good luck.

    • Fabio Cavalcante



      Just a couple of comments on Jerry's answer above:



    • Ramana

      WOW ! 3 days that's phenominal !

      What we are trying to achieve is to create a custom PHP page and write a ROQL query in the code behind to fetch the results. So can I use SOAP API to integrate PHP and ROQL to do this ?. I was also wondering if there is any thing in the help document or anywhere which throws more insight into this ? that I can do more research !

      Thanks for the great support !!


    • Charlie Mopps

      But you'll find no help for PHP.  I've got a collegue that's basically a genious that managed to get the API to work with VBA so he could pull data using excell. But like I said, he's a genious. The only real documentation they have is for Java and Visual Studio. Even that isn't the best.

      The SOAP interface is good at doing small updates and data request. So if you're just making a webpage to create tickets or retrieve records, it'll work well for that. But if you want to make large updates or sync and outside database you're looking at a large project and will run into some very annoying and often unnessisary obsticals.

      Also, despite what they say the SOAP UI is not usually backward compatible. We've been using it through 2 upgrades now and in both cases we had to make major code revisions because they eliminated Overload meathods that had previously been required. i.e. In the previous version we HAD to use 4 opperators, and in the new version it would no longer accept 4. Rather than just ignoring the extra fields that had been required in the past (bset practice) the meathod errored out instead. Which ensured our integrations would fail. I still don't understand why they did that.

      There is a PHP connect API but that's made to be used from the CP pages (The website) Inside the application you can use the "webpage" boject and include a webpage... then on that page you can use Javascript and PHP to access data that's on the record the agents currently editing. But you'll only have access to that particular record unless you make a soap call. Again, you'll be on your own there. There's no support that I know of for PHP SOAP access. Though, if you're good enough at PHP I'm sure you could figure it out.

    • Ramana

      Thanks Jerry and Fabio for your help. Will keep you posted as I go along 

    • Dietrik

      You don't need to start complicated. If you want to import / update data,  there's the import wizard supporting most major objects. If you want to export data, there the analytics reporting tool. Reports can also be used as templates for displaying data on web pages or through the soap api.

    • Charlie Mopps

      I disagree with your use of "Most" and in the few tables it is able to update is very limited in which fields it can update. I rarely find it of use due to these limitiations but it's worth a look.

    • Ramana

      I just tried to import a simple .csv file (excel) containing contact information and the addresses of 10 customers it did not work ! As Jerry mentioned earlier it looks easy to use but if tedious. Giving it a try again...

    • Kurt Helfrich

      Back to ODBC for a moment - we are very unhappy that they are deprecating ODBC, and we don't see ROQL and the web APIs as a replacement for the simplicity of an ad hoc SQL query, nor are all the tables available anywhere else.  If you have some specific use cases for things that won't work in analytics or with web services, but do work in ODBC, make sure you let you account executive or success manager know.

    • Charlie Mopps

      lol, yea, we're all over that. The idea that ROQL is any sort of replacement for real SQL is a joke. There's no reporting product that can connect to the SOAP API that I know of, and theirs certainly no Oracle or Rightnow product. Rightnows discontinued their "advanced reporting services" or whatever it was called, where they'd charge you to do reporting for you though a 3rd party vendor. So there is no recourse.

      What RightNow has told us is to use the SOAP API, but we litterally have thousands of external reports. Mostly to do the tight restrictions on RightNows analytics. You basically can't build any sort of real report within the application. I can understand that, it's a production enviromnet. But to provide no other way to do reporting makes the entire application almost useless.

      If we were to move these reports to the SOAP API we'd have 2 options, rebuild every single report into ROQL... which is basically a made-up querry language that you can not hire anyone with any experience in it and our DBAs certainly wont have any idea what to do with it. Or we could build a .NET application to convert the SQL for us... but the size and scope of such a project would easilly dwarf simply migrating away from RightNow to another CRM that allowed ODBC access.

    • Ramana

      Simple question ! how do I run a ROQL query ?..Is there like a SQL client for ROQL to see the queries execute realtime.

    • Charlie Mopps

      You have to use the SOAP API.

      You can access it with any language, but the only supported options are C# and Java. So... you have to write code to write a report.

    • Ramana

      Thanks for the reply ! Are there any samples for SOAP API anywhere ?..

    • Charlie Mopps

      Well, there's documentation for the entire API:

      Just replace the date in there with whichever date of the version of Rightnow you're using.

      There's some stuff in there about ROQL but you've got to wing it with a lot of it. The most help you'll get is in these forums.

    • Ramana

      Thanks a ton Jerry ! Will look into it