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    RN database
    Topic posted June 7, 2013 by Ramana Red Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    RN database

    In the process of migration to RN ! Have two questions

    1. Does RN support Oracle DB ?..

    2. Say if I want to retreive some specific data(order number) from DB how would I make RN fetch it ?..

    Any help would be appriciated




    • Ryan McCullough

      In regards to Jerry Fuerstenberg's post on June 10, 2013 about backward compatibility. The SOAP API is backward compatible. Any SOAP request (the XML sent over the wire) that runs before the ugprade should run after the upgrade. If this is not the case, it is a product defect and I would encourage you to submit an incident to customer care.

      The only exception to this I can think of would be if the namespace version used in the request was deprecated and removed.

      It sounds like you updated your SOAP bindings after the upgrade. This then necessitated the code changes you mentioned.

      When you re-generate your bindings, most SOAP toolkits will pull down the WSDL again. When the WSDL is retrieved, it will return the most current version by default. There is a way to request a specific version, but I forget what the URL parameter is. Regardless, you should only be re-generating your SOAP bindings when you intend to consume a new version of the namespace (most likely for new functionality).

    • Charlie Mopps

      Trust me, we had dozens of tickets open with support after our upgrade. I'm relating what support told us.  But that's a discussion outside the scope of this thread. The point is that, since we switched to the soap API we've had backward compatability problems during our upgrades. They may be bugs, but they are still problems and Ramana should keep it in mind.

    • Fabio Cavalcante



      What Ryan stated is correct and if you're targeting a supported API version, you shouldn't have backwards compatibility issues.

      Do you mind sending me a private message with the incident number so I can follow up on the issue you had? That would help us better understand what happened and take steps to make sure it doesn't happen again.

      Thank you!


    • Ramana


      Just a simple question 

      We are trying to upload a custom PHP script using the file manager in the RN just wondering are we doing it rite ?..Or are there anyother means of doing this?..

      Where do I upload the SOAP API PHP from ?..




    • Charlie Mopps

      Without knowing what you're trying to do, it's going to be hard to help you.

      I don't really know what you mean about the "Soap API PHP" I'm not sure that's even a "thing"

    • Ramana

      My bad ! should have been more specific. Well, we are trying to migrate an existing CRM to RN and I have a PHP team for the development purposes. However, we have not started the migration yet we are just trying to understand RN and the things which we need in the process to accomplish this. I have been going through the documentation and ofcourse with the help of you guys gained a little insight into this. Have a few things to clarify though

      1. The RN connection to the database has to achieved by SOAP or REST services now where in RN would I be able to do that ?..(are there any access points in RN for this ?..)

      2. The RN client has to be installed on the customer service agent's workstation in order to access it. Is there a way where they can access it from the browser ?..That way they can use any workstation.



    • Ryan McCullough

      PHP scripts on the Oracle RightNow server cannot leverage the Connect Web Services for SOAP (CWSS) API, they can use the Connect for PHP (CPHP) API.

      The SOAP API is designed to be used by a client that is external to the Oracle RightNow servers.

    • Ramana

      I am not able to see process designer in my navigation set and I am the administrator for our account any reason why ?..or is there anything which I need to enable ?..

    • Ryan McCullough

      The "Process Designer" management plugin is only available if an internal configuration setting is enabled on your interface. Please ask your account representative about enabling the process designer.

    • Ramana

      Thanks Ryan !

    • Ramana

      Ryan I created a widget from the admin customer portal and I have uploaded a custom model to my customer portal site using cyberduck how would I link that custom model to my widget and how would I call that widget (invoke) itself so that it would give me my output 


    • Ryan McCullough

      Ramana, this is a RightNow Connect forum. I would recommend taking a look at the Customer Portal forum.

      Also, take a look at the sample widgets & models. They should give you a good starting point.

    • Ramana

      Sure thanks

    • Ramana

      Is there any documentation for RightNow CX and Oracle forms integration ?..


    • Dietrik

      To keep the forum clean please open a new topic when asking a new question.

      see this post on oracle forms integration :