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    Hema Gattupalli
    Editing OOTB Reports/Creating Custom Reports
    Topic posted July 25, 2018 by Hema GattupalliRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Dashboard / Reporting 
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    Editing OOTB Reports/Creating Custom Reports

    Hello All,

    I am exploring reporting functionality and came to know that there is no option to extend the reports functionality rather use standard reports available. But this One size fits all may not work always esp in transformation, and I understand that we need to build the local DB where we can construct new reports. IMO, Report customization is a welcoming feature in OFSC. 

    Kindly suggest if anybody achieved customizing any OOTB or creating custom reports.






    • Dima Buldakov

      OFSC has OOTB real time integration with Oracle BICS, that can fulfill virtually all possible reporting needs, so that there is no needs to use local DB, neither there are obvious needs to duplicate in OFSC features of another well integrated Oracle Product.


    • Hema Gattupalli


      So,it is confirmed that we can't add any additional fields to existing OOTB reports and we can't create new reports aswell in OFSC.

      I gone through reporting guide, where I could see only "View reports", but no information related to modificaitons. Its all about adding these OOTB reports to Dashboard.

      Kindly confirm if anybody has done modifying existing reports or created new reports in OFSC.


    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      Hi Hema,

      As you know now, internal reports aren't really configurable at this moment. I mean you can select the period and the source, but IMO that's all.