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    Laura Ferris
    See What's New in Narrative Reporting for 19.08
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    See What's New in Narrative Reporting for 19.08
    Read about what's included in Narrative Reporting release 19.08.

    Read about the updates for Narrative Reporting in the What's New document for release 19.08.

    The new functionality available in this update includes:

    Conditional Text in Management Reports: You can use the Conditional Formatting framework to generate dynamic text based on predefined conditions and a combination of static text and text functions, which return member labels and data values to complete the resulting text. The Conditional Text results can be displayed in a text box, row, column or cell utilizing a new text function.

    New Narrative Reporting Smart View Extension: The Narrative Reporting 19.08 Extension for Oracle Smart View for Office is available. This update includes an improved Embed Contents dialog, along with general performance improvements and bug fixes.