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    HariKrishna Addepalli LN
    Does OAC support multi node for HA support ?
    Topic posted May 13, 2019 by HariKrishna Addepalli LN, last edited September 11, 2019, tagged Packaging & Licensing 
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    Does OAC support multi node for HA support ?


    We are doing a POC on OAC, we are currently using OBIEE 12c (, however this OBIEE 12c lacks cluster support due to known issue with report not available across the nodes. So, we would like toknow about OAC.

    Does OAC support multi nodes/clustering to enable HA ? Do we have option to scale up the nodes depending on the OCI availability?





    • Prasanna Thota

      Hari, yes there is an option to scale up in OAC, but you have to be provisioned at minimum 2 OCPUs to be able to scale up in the future. Or the only other option is to delete and re-creating the instance.

      PROD instance is automatically provisioned with 2 nodes, unlike the other instances. However, we did encounter unusual behavior of the PROD having 2 nodes vs single in TEST/DEV, as our visualizations looks different (colors, dimensional view - 2d vs 3d), etc. But good news is, Oracle does have a solution (patch) for it - name fof the patch is referred to as "OAC 5.3 patch 3 ".

      Hope this helps!