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    Evan Jenkins
    Conditional Formatting on Column Sub-Total
    Topic posted February 23, 2017 by Evan JenkinsSilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points, tagged Customizing Layout, OBIEE Answers, OTBI 
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    Conditional Formatting on Column Sub-Total


    I've built a sickness report that counts the number of instances of sickness and number of days sickness over a time period.

    I've figured out how to add a sub-total for each employee (i.e. Joe Bloggs has had 3 instances / 12 days sickness) over the time period. However, what I'd like to do is add conditional formatting to the sub-total line for each employee for when they hit our internal sickness flag levels, but I'm struggling to assign this to the sub-total line, as opposed to the raw data itself.

    I've attached an image to show what I'd like - the conditional formatting is on the data itself - I'd like it on the sub-total line if possible. 





    • Caroline Gladwin

      Hi Evan - this isn't possible as standard - I believe you can do it by editing the XML in the advanced tab to force it to apply the conditional formatting to the total - but I have never actually done it - if you google it you will find lots of articles on it. 

      A couple of other options:

      1 - Add a column into your table with the total for that employee using the formula below and add formatting to that

      SUM("Assignment Absences"."Leave Duration" by "Worker"."Person ID")

      2 - Create your initial report at summary level - one row per employee with conditional formatting on that to show they have breached the threshold - and then enable a drill to see the more detailed view. That way the initial report is shorter, you can draw people's attention to just those records they need to focus on ...

      Regards Caroline