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    Shylaja Shetty
    Is it possible to partially reject the quantity while...
    Topic posted August 18, 2019 by Shylaja ShettyRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Is it possible to partially reject the quantity while inspecting.

    Hello Team,


    Business Scenario: Business receives wires in Lots of 3000-4000kgs. They want to do a 100% inspection and then reject part of it or complete lot depending upon the results.

    Steps when using 100% plan:
    1. We create a Inspection plan with Inspection level as 100%
    2. System while doing receiving inspection creates 4000 inspection lines for 4000kgs.
    3. To capture results for each line is not possible for the business.

    Steps for Fixed 1 sample scenario:

    1. We create inspection plan with level as 1 fixed sample, giving sample size as 0% (system allows this)
    2. While doing receiving inspection system creates only one line with Qty 4000kgs.
    3. In this case there is no way to reject part of the qty as if result is passed all the 4000 is accepted and if result is fail, all the 4000 is rejected.

    We need a solution to get solution for this business scenario.





    • Melanie Grosser

      There are a couple of ways that this can be accomplished:

      1. Assuming that the wires come in spools (or some other form of packaging), you would receive them in spools.  So if they are 1000kg spools, for example, you would receive 4.  So the inspection quantity would be 4 instead of 4000.
      2. Use a two step receiving process where  step 1 is to receive into a QA hold area, and step 2 is to perform an inventory inspection, where you can specify the number of samples that you wish to test.
    • Shylaja Shetty

      Hello Melanie,


      In case of option 2, how can we make a check mark that users don't do put away without doing inspection.
      In current approach system makes sure that without inspection item cannot be brought in.
      Also if you are suggesting to create a new sub inventory all together then that would be a issue.





    • Melanie Grosser

      In the case of option 2, there would be no "check mark" to prevent users from doing a put away without performing inspection.  It would have to be handled through proper procedure. 

      A new sub inventory is not required. You could create a locator within the sub inventory that could be used as the "hold area".

    • Shylaja Shetty

      Thanks for the update.

      It is a requirement from GE.

      If you are free can we have a call with them?

      Below is the update from them:


      1. First of all business won't accept this approach as there is no restriction from system side in this approach.

      2. Even if we try hard and somehow make them try this idea, but the basic issue is yet not resolved. Inventory inspection can only be of level 100% and system creates 1000 lines for 1000Kg of wires.
      So we are having the same issue that of Receiving inspection with level 100%.

      Let me know if I am missing something here and there is a way to have single line of inspection and rejection capability of part of 1000kg