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    Craig Anderson
    Allocation Run-Time Prompt (RTP) Variables
    Topic posted September 30, 2019 by Craig Anderson, tagged Allocations, General Ledger 
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    Allocation Run-Time Prompt (RTP) Variables
    Looking to have a RTP variable for allocations for a value that is not tied to a dimension.


    Thanks in advance for any help. What I'm looking to do is have a run time prompt (RTP) for an allocation we're looking to set up that would not be tied to a specific dimension we have. It would essentially be it's own new variable.

    Since we cannot allocate based on multiple currencies across ledgers (or have not figured out how to), we're moving both USD and CAD balances to a STAT currency to have one "standard pooled currency". What we're trying to have is a RTP come up that we can populate based on foreign exchange rates for our USD balance in the US Ledger be moved to the CDN equivalent in the STAT currency. Please let me know if this is not clear.





    • Abhijit

      You can allocated based on multiple currencies across ledgers. You can loop through the currency dimension sing the level0descendents to pick up entered balances across currencies.



      • Craig Anderson

        Hi Abhijit,

        Thank you for your reply. It may be easier if I explain it this way with some hypothetical scenario:

        The scenario is we currently have Company A with cost center 100 currently incurring costs that need to be allocated across various companies.

        We have Companies A, B, C all on the CAD Ledger with CAD dollar balances and Companies D, E in the US Ledger with USD balances. The allocation basis we're using to allocate Company A Cost Center 100 is the total expense parent E10000 each company has incurred, relative to the total amount of the E10000 from Companies B, C, D, E.

        Our work around is to move all balances to a standardized currency, STAT, along both ledgers. However, when we've done this in the test environment we've found moving the USD to STAT and having those balances mix with the CAD balances has understated the real value of the USD balances resulting in a slight under allocation since the exchange rate difference is not realized.

        What we're looking to do now, is be able to have a RTP for a variable prior to moving the balances to STAT that would allow us to gross up the USD to the CAD equivalent based on the Fx rates at the time.

        Thanks again!

    • Abhijit

      Can you please put this in excel with numbers, currencies , entered and accounted amounts and expected results. I will be of help to you and may propose a solution to the business requirement.