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    Venkata P
    How to update a text area using a Pop Up
    Topic posted November 12, 2019 by Venkata PGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged JET, Layout, UI 
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    How to update a text area using a Pop Up
    On clicking on text area a pop up should come up and update it

    Hi All,

    Requirement : I have a table where the last column is a text area where user can enter some free text which can be more than 2 lines. But to have a better user experience we taught of opening a pop up on clicking of text area with a free text area and upon submission it should simply update it in the table text area column.

    I broke this task into below subtasks

    1. OnClick event open a dialog box -> No issues

    2. In the dialog box have a text area which is large enough -> No issues

    3. On clicking submitting text should update back to the table text box -> No sure how to update it to a particular it was clicked. -> Need help here.  


    Venkat P




    • Shay Shmeltzer

      Assuming that your table is based on and SDP, then your dialog submit button should call the REST endpoint for updating the backend data source, and then issue a data provider refresh event on the table.

      Toward the end of this video -


      • Venkata P

        Hi Shay,

        My current table is ADP and the column I want to update is updating data to another BO. So facilitate user to enter more than 500 words I though of having a pop up on click of text area and provide an essay and upon closing the popup it should just copy the text to the column. Updating in BO is not required as there is another button which takes care of it.


        Venkata Chakradhar P

        • David Konecny

          re. "3. On clicking submitting text should update back to the table text box" - simply update the value directly in the array.



          • Venkata P

            Hi David,

            I couldn't see an option to update ADP data array with an index to update only the particular row in Assign activity.

            Attached screenshot as well.


            Venkat P


            • Shay Shmeltzer

              The easy way to do this is have a JS function that accepts an array, the index for the row you want to update, and the value you want there, and then returns the modified array.

              You call this JS function in your action chain, and then use assign variable action to assign the returned array to the[].