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    Jean-Luc Mosley
    Using security to restrict a user's ability to edit...
    Topic posted May 13, 2019 by Jean-Luc MosleyGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged PBCS 
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    Using security to restrict a user's ability to edit hierarchies
    How can I provision a user to edit only certain members in a rollup?

    My client wants to add a new user with the ability edit only certain rollups in one of the dimensions. To my knowledge, users must have an administrator role in order to edit dimension members and hierarchies.  However, administrators can bypass security and power users cannot edit hierarchies.  Is there a way to set up a user so that they can only edit certain hierarchies?

    PBCS Version 19.05.55



    • Peter Nitschke

      As you've noted, only an administrator can update metadata. So - yeah, this is one of those, have a good think and discussion about how important it is to do, or if there are other ways of achieving it. 

      Some options might include:

      • Having a folder location where a flat file of dimensionality can be stored and updated, this could then be loaded during an overnight process
      • Create an ASO reporting cube with the applicable dimension being fed by a smartlist mapping table
      • Look at EDMCS - Enterprise Data Management Cloud Services for master data modelling which has full workflows
      • Look at other 3rd party products (EPMWare? I think they have a PBCS adaptor) 

      'Generally' having non-admin end users update dimensionality without an appropriate workflow is a bad idea. 





      • Jean-Luc Mosley

        Thank you, Peter.  


        I've thought about the flat file folder location as a possible solution but the hierarchy that they would manage would have many shared members that might change frequently. I know that sometimes PBCS treats shared members a little weird when they're loaded.


        I'm definitely going to look into the other options you listed.


        thank you for your help!