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    Raj Mohanraju
    Users cannot check if Organisation are in the organisation...
    Topic posted March 5, 2019 by Raj MohanrajuRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Capital Projects, Project Billing & Revenue, Project Costing, Project Management, Project Performance Reporting, Project Planning & Scheduling, Project Planning, Budgeting, & Forecasting, Project Resource Management 
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    Users cannot check if Organisation are in the organisation tree
    Users cannot check if Organisation are in the organisation tree

    There is no search capability in the Manage Organisation Trees screen, so it is difficult to check if Organisation are in the organisation tree.

    Has anyone figured out a quick way to figure out, even a useful sql query if you can share?





    • Alexandru Eremia - Oracle

      Hi Raj

      There is no direct Search option in the organization tree nodes.

      Instead you can use bottom options found on View menu to Expand all, scroll, sort, reorder (see the attached picture)

      You can also do an 'Exapand all' and do a CTRL+F and do the string search o page by the required organization name.


      Alex- Oracle

    • Alexandru Eremia - Oracle
      • Raj Mohanraju

        Hello Alex

        Thanks for your response. We have over 350,000 organizations in the tree. View > Expand All, often times out with "A connection to the server has failed. Status = 503" error message. Often for country release [rollout] testing phases we use DEV/TEST instance which are low performing POD's. 

        As such I'm seeking for an sql script instead which I can then export to Excel [country wise]...also possibly to specify, if the organisation has been Audited, Row Flattened [RF] and Column Flattened [CF] too.



    • Yenuganti

      Hi Raj,

      You can use below tables for constructing the BI report


      PJF_PROJ_ELEMENTS_CF defines a column-flattened representation of the value-based trees represented in the PJF_PROJ_ELEMENTS_B.

      This table contain keys of each column-flattened level. It will have 20 levels of task hierarchy plus structure level.


      Thanks & Regards,